Towbar fitting in Plymouth

  • Towbar fitting in Plymouth
  • Towbar fitting in Plymouth

Are you looking for towbar fitting in Plymouth? Are you planning to tow a caravan or a trailer this summer? Want to get out and about with your bikes in tow? Then our towbar fitting service in Plymouth, Devon is just what you need!

At Tamar Caravan Centre, we have over 30 years of experience in the towbar fitting industry and offer an unrivalled professional, knowledgeable, and friendly service. Whether you’re planning a family camping trip, hauling equipment for work, or off on an adventure, we can help. We believe in a personalised service, which is why we provide a free consultation with no-obligation quotes to assess your specific towing requirements. We also offer a convenient drop-in service so you can visit at a time that suits you best.


It is great knowing that you have the freedom to hitch up your house on wheels and get out wherever you want. We can fit towbars on most vehicles, dependent on manufacturer, model and year of production. With something to suit virtually all vehicles, we can fit the ideal towbar for your needs. Our experienced team will assess all possible towbar options for your vehicle and recommend the best product to suit your requirements.


One of the main reasons that people decide to install a towbar is because they want to tow caravans or trailers around. They are also handy for towing horseboxes. A towbar can also be useful for those who like to cycle, enabling them to transport their bike with ease. Some cycle carriers can even be used whilst towing a trailer or caravan. We offer the following styles in our service centre in Plymouth, Devon:

Flange Towbar, Plymouth

The flange style is a traditional and cost-effective towbar option. Suited to those who tow on a regular basis, this form of towbar allows for the fitting of accessories such as towbar-mounted cycle carriers, making it a good choice for those with active lifestyles. It’s important to note that flange towbars will almost certainly be detected by parking sensors if fitted on a vehicle with this facility.

Swan Towbar, Plymouth

The swan-style towbar is a mid-point between the traditional flange towbar and the functional detachable towbar. Offering a neater appearance, this type of towbar is much narrower and sleeker in profile, making it a good choice for vehicles with parking sensors. Swan towbars do offer less flexibility than other styles, as they prohibit the use of other accessories.

Detachable Towbar, Plymouth

A good option for anyone who wants the ability to tow without impacting the look of their vehicle, detachable towbars provide the best of both worlds! When the neck is removed, this kind of towbar is generally hidden from view, so parking sensors are not affected.

We offer free, no-obligation towbar fitting quotes and our handy quotation tool can show you which type of towbar is best suited to your vehicle. These can be fitted at our service centre, Plymouth.


We ensure a comprehensive electrics service to ensure seamless integration of your vehicle's electrical system with your towbar. We take pride in using dealer-approved wiring looms for our towbar fitting service. These wiring looms ensure a reliable and integrated connection to your vehicle's electrical system.

Our skilled technicians will install and configure the necessary wiring and connectors, allowing you to safely operate your trailer or caravan's lights, indicators, and other electrical components.


We understand the importance of transparent pricing when it comes to fitting a towbar. Our services are competitively priced to ensure you receive excellent value for money. We provide you with accurate information and we offer free, no-obligation quotes. Our team will assess your vehicle and towing requirements and consider factors such as make, model, and towbar style before providing you with an estimate tailored to your needs.


When choosing a towbar, it’s important to consider whether you will be primarily towing a caravan or a trailer, as each has its specific requirements.


Caravans are self-contained living spaces that are designed to be towed behind a vehicle. When it comes to towbar selection for caravans, there are a few key considerations:

  • The weight of the caravan plays a crucial role in determining the appropriate towbar capacity. It's essential to choose a towbar that can safely handle the weight of your caravan, including its contents.
  • Caravan towing often involves long-distance travel, which means stability and control are important. A towbar with sway control features can help reduce the risk of swaying or fishtailing while on the road.
  • Caravan electrics are vital for operating lights, brakes, and other electrical components. A comprehensive electrics service will ensure that your towbar is integrated with your caravan's electrical system.


Trailers come in various forms and serve different purposes. They can range from utility trailers for transporting equipment and goods to flatbed trailers for hauling larger items. There are some considerations that must be taken into account when choosing a trailer towbar:

  • It’s important to choose a towbar that can handle the weight of the trailer and provide a secure connection.
  • Ensuring the compatibility between the trailer’s hitch and the towbar is essential to ensure a proper fit and safe towing.

Regardless of whether you’re towing a trailer or a caravan, our experienced team will be able to assess your specific requirements and guide you in selecting the most appropriate towbar. We will consider factors like capacity, stability features, electrics integration, and hitch compatibility to ensure a safe and efficient towing set-up.


Our team stays up to date with the latest regulations and safety standards to ensure that your towbar installation meets all necessary legal obligations. We will inform you of any legal considerations specific to your vehicle and the type of towbar you choose, providing you with peace of mind and ensuring that you remain compliant on the road. If you have any questions about legal compliance and considerations for your towbar, please contact us.


With decades of experience behind us and a highly trained team of expert engineers on hand, we believe we offer the most professional towbar fitting service from our service centre in Plymouth, in the South West. Every towbar installation meets both industry standards and our own high standards, with all fittings carried out in a timely manner for minimal disruption to your day.

Commitment to Quality

We’re committed to quality, which is why we use dealer-approved wiring looms, which provide a reliable integrated connection to your vehicle’s electrics, whilst activating any in-built vehicle safety features, such as T-ESP (Trailer Stability Programme). For safety purposes, we also undertake pre-installation diagnostic checks (when applicable) to assess whether there are any faults.

Efficient Turnaround Time

We value your time and aim to complete towbar installations promptly without compromising on quality. Our skilled technicians can carry out most towbar installation works whilst you wait and have a well-appointed restroom area with comfy seating, free Wi-Fi and a drinks machine. What’s more, if you need transport, we can provide you with a courtesy vehicle to use whilst we’re carrying out the towbar fitting.

With fitting appointments available 6 days a week, competitive prices, and free no-obligation quotes, why not consider Tamar Caravan Centre for your towbar fitting?


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