Smart Construction

  • Smart Construction

Swift caravans are made using SMART, an intelligent construction system that’s used across their whole range of touring and coach-built caravans. This system means Swift produce timberless caravan body frames, resulting in a lighter weight and moisture-resistant product.

The body frames are made from ‘PURe’ (polyurethane), a tough and water-resistant material, that’s been extensively tested for durability. 

The sidewalls, roof, outer skin and outer bodyshell are all made from GRP (glass reinforced plastic), which is more impact resistant than traditionally used aluminium, meaning it’s easier to repair, which in turn ensures your caravan will look great for longer. The GRP panelling also means the bodyshell can be aerodynamically shaped for better fuel consumption and safer towing.

Caravan floors are built using ‘Sandwich’ construction, with layers of ply upper, high rigidity Styrofoam core and a GRP outer skin to give enhanced durability from the elements. Selected caravan models also feature a completely timberless floor construction.

Plus, Swift caravans have Grade 3 classification for insulation and heating, conducting rigorous physical tests to ensure each caravan meets their exacting standards.