• You've Just Purchased Your Caravan — What's Next?

You've Just Purchased Your Caravan — What's Next?

Get your new home on wheels road trip ready

If you’ve just been through the exciting caravan-buying process, and your new pride and joy is now sitting on your driveway, you may be wondering what’s next - and you’re not alone. It can be overwhelming to know where to start when it comes to getting going with your caravan, so we’ve put together a few handy pointers to help you on your journey. 

Insure your caravan

Buying a caravan is no small investment, so, as you do for your car, you should be on the lookout for comprehensive caravan insurance. Unlike car insurance, caravan insurance isn’t a legal requirement, but most caravan owners prefer to protect their caravan in the event of theft or damage. 

If you’re wondering if car insurance will cover your caravan, we’re here to tell you that unfortunately, it won’t. While most car insurance policies will cover the car while it’s touring, it won’t cover the caravan, so any damage to your home-on-wheels would have to be paid for by you in the absence of a caravan policy. 

Specific caravan insurance protects against these unexpected costs, so it’s a worthwhile expense, and one you should factor into your monthly or annual caravan budget.

Get your car ready to tow 

We’ve talked before about ensuring that both you and your car are ready to tow. That includes making sure that your car and caravan are compatible in terms of maximum legal weight capacities, and that your towbar is fitted correctly. 

You should also ensure that your car is ready to reliably hit the road, by checking your tyre pressure and tread depth, your brakes, the function of your lights, and that the screenwash, coolant and oil are all topped up. 

Buy the accessories you need 

Half the fun of heading off with your caravan is knowing that you have everything you need with you for a relaxing adventure. From the crockery in the kitchen to the chairs you can use for alfresco dining, choosing what suits you and your tastes is made possible by caravan accessory shops like ours here at Tamar Caravan Centre

It’s not just the niceties that shops like ours provide; it’s the essentials too. Make sure you’re stocked up with safety and security equipment, toilet chemicals, and cleaning products to make your stay safe and convenient. 

Consider an awning 

Attaching to the side of your caravan to provide sheltered outside space, an awning allows you to take in the fresh air whatever the weather. 

Whether you enjoy dinner with a view, take a break from the midday sun, or fancy kicking back with a book while the rain pitter patters around you, an awning adds an extra dimension to your caravan - it’s like a whole extra room! 

Before you choose your awning, consider what you’ll mainly be using it for and how often, to help you decide whether you want a full or partial awning that is either permanent or easily removed. 

Plan some UK road trips 

Once you’re all set, you’re likely to be looking ahead to the future, and all the places you can explore in your caravan. The UK has a great deal to offer tourers, from the dramatic landscapes of the NC500 in Scotland, to the rolling hillsides of the Yorkshire Dales. We’ve put together a list of fantastic UK road trips to get you started - take a look on our blog. 

Get ready to buy a new or used caravan in Plymouth 

If you’ve not yet made the leap to caravan life yet, or you’re thinking about upgrading, there’s a caravan for you right here at Tamar Caravan Centre in Plymouth. Our team can help you narrow down your search, finding you the right caravan for your lifestyle, and your holiday plans. 

Get browsing online today, and pay us a visit in Plympton, Plymouth.