• Winterisation – Toilets (Chapter 6 of 8)

Winterisation – Toilets (Chapter 6 of 8)

Chapter 6 – Toilets. Not always the prettiest of jobs but, just like the plumbing and electrics, it’s pretty important to prepare. This is chapter 6 of our Winterisation guide, a step-by-step guide to preparing your caravan or campervan for the winter months.




1. Leave toilet caps removed and apply acid-free Vaseline or similar to the seals and drain the toilet reservoir.

2. Empty the toilet cassette – The Thetford Cassette Porta Potti is easily winterised for storage.

3. Empty the fresh water tank using the drain tube/fresh water tank level indicator. Pull the lever indicator/drain tube down from top plug position and outward through the door opening to drain water from the tank then empty the water fill funnel by pulling the bottle away from the tank.

4. Remove the small water cap on the filler bottom, allowing water to drain from the water funnel. (Not C-200 toilet). Do not tighten caps, this helps in keeping unit dry. The pour out spout and vent plug can be removed. Seals should be greased if necessary with acid-free Vaseline.