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Why Choose Tamar Caravan Centre for Towbar Fitting in Plymouth?

  • Why Choose Tamar Caravan Centre for Towbar Fitting in Plymouth?

Expert installation for safe and reliable towing

The beauty of caravan ownership is heading to whatever destination you fancy, and towbars go hand in hand with this dream; without your towbar, you wouldn’t be getting very far! As such an important bit of kit coupling your caravan to your car, it’s vital to get it right for safe, hassle-free touring. 

As a caravan dealership in possession of over 30 years of experience in not only selling and maintaining caravans but sourcing and fitting towbars to cars too, we know a thing or two about finding the right towbar, and fitting it correctly. 

Many customers choose Tamar Caravan Centre for towbar fitting in Plymouth because we can put their minds at rest about towing their caravan through our tailored advice and thorough fitting, 

How do I choose the right towbar?

Choosing the right kind of towbar for the type of vehicle you use, what you’re towing and how often you tow it is essential to smooth travels with your caravan or trailer. There are three main types of towbar that we offer here at Tamar Caravan Centre: 

Flange Towbars

You’d recognise these as traditional towbars, and they’re usually a great option if you’re gearing up for touring on a budget. These are ideal if you tow on a regular basis, and they’re capable of accommodating accessories such as towbar-mounted cycle carriers. 

Generally, flange towbars aren’t suitable for vehicles with parking sensors, as they’ll get picked up as an obstruction to them and impair the sensors’ accuracy. 

Swan Towbars

Striking a balance between traditional and detachable towbars we have the Swan style towbars, identifiable by their more narrow profile. It’s for this reason that many tourers opt for Swan-style towbars if their vehicle has parking sensors. 

It’s important to note that Swan towbars are not accommodating of other accessories, so bear that in mind if you like to fuse your touring lifestyle with outdoor pursuits such as cycling. 

Detachable towbars

For ultimate flexibility, detachable towbars are the tourers’ go-to. These do what they say on the tin - the head detaches when you’re not towing, so the look of your car, and the function of your parking sensors, can remain unaffected. 

Why is it important to get a towbar professionally fitted?

The potential implications of towing something as heavy as a caravan, horsebox or cycle carrier on a busy road with a poorly fitted towbar are catastrophic, and it’s safe to say that you need to be certain of your towbar’s ability to tow safely. 

You will only ever be able to trust your towbar if it’s been fitted by a professional, who is able to advise you on the best towbar for your needs; it’s a non-negotiable when it comes to towing and touring!

Do I need dedicated, vehicle-specific towbar wiring?

With vehicle-specific wiring, your car's onboard wiring system is connected, activating any towing-related features that are already inbuilt. Your car's Trailer Stability Control can also be used through trailer-specific wiring, giving you peace of mind on the road.

You'll also need to take a look at your warranty, as most will stipulate that any wiring fitted for your tow bar must be equivalent to the wiring supplied by the vehicle manufacturer. In simple terms, the warranty company would prefer you to install a dedicated wiring kit, made specifically for your car's make and model, as opposed to a universal one.

Why should I choose Tamar Caravan Centre to fit my towbar? 

Decades of experience 

We’re proud of the guidance that we’re able to offer customers that approach us in need of advice about the towing of their caravan, and our years of experience help us to tailor it to the trailer type, car type, and lifestyle of our customers. 

You can expect a personal service that moves at your pace at Tamar Caravan Centre; this extends to the finding and fitting of your towbar too. 

Fast, convenient fitting 

We understand that you’re keen to get on the road, so we’ll fit your towbar quickly and when it suits you. With a while-you-wait option, complete with comfortable seating, refreshments and free WiFi, you can stick around while our expert technicians fit your towbar so that you can start touring as soon as possible. 

Alternatively, a courtesy car (subject to availability) can keep you on the road if you need to be out and about in the meantime.   

Industry standards met every time 

A speedy installation doesn’t come at the cost of flawless fitting, as each towbar is fitted to comply with industry safety standards by our IMI-qualified team. We use dealer-approved wiring looms to integrate the towbar with your vehicle’s electrical system, and carry out pre-installation diagnostic checks where appropriate to give you peace of mind when you’re towing.   

Competitive prices 

Value for money is a theme throughout our business, and towbars are no exception. Did you know that we also offer no-obligation quotes? This is just another reason why Tamar Caravan Centre is an easy choice to make for those looking for towbar fitting in Plymouth.  

Get booked in for towbar fitting at our Plymouth caravan service centre 

Whether you’re new to towing, you’ve changed your car, or you just need some advice on the best towbar for your lifestyle, we’re here to help at Tamar Caravan Centre. You can find out more about towbar fitting on our website, where we’ve also answered some Frequently Asked Questions to give you further information, and confidence.