• The Importance of Regular Caravan Servicing

The Importance of Regular Caravan Servicing

We also give you 5 tips on how to look after your caravan before a service

  • Published: 24 January 2024
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Regularly servicing your caravan is vital to keep it in good working order and avoid potentially expensive repairs down the line. Though it may seem an unnecessary expense, especially if you only use your caravan occasionally, there are several key reasons why regular servicing is strongly advised for all caravan owners.

Safety First

The number one reason to get your caravan serviced is for safety. If certain parts degrade over time, it can lead to gas leaks, fire hazards from electrical faults, or even the brakes and chassis failing while you’re towing. Getting an annual service and safety check helps identify and fix any issues before they turn into a serious risk to you and your family. Critical areas the technicians will examine at our service centre include the gas appliances, smoke alarm, fire extinguisher, tyre wear and pressure, chassis condition, damp checks and making sure all electronics function properly. Don’t cut corners on safety – get a full service carried out even if you think the caravan seems fine.

Protecting Your Investment

Caravans can represent a significant investment, especially larger or more premium models. Failing to get regular servicing performed puts that investment at risk and means you’ll likely get much less value selling it later on, or have costly last-minute fixes to pay for before selling. Paying an average of around £150 each year for a service is minor compared to repairs like a rotten chassis, water-damaged interior or faulty appliances costing thousands if you let problems progress. Even if you plan to keep the caravan long-term, it makes sense to properly maintain it rather than letting major work and costs pile up.

Improved Fuel Efficiency 

One benefit most owners aren’t aware of is that a well-serviced caravan travels more efficiently behind your vehicle. Things like making sure the chassis is aligned properly, wheels balanced and tyres inflated all contribute to it running more smoothly and putting less strain on your tow car. This can improve your overall miles per gallon (mpg) when towing. As fuel prices continue to fluctuate, making sure your caravan is in optimal shape gives savings at the pump.

Increased Comfort

An overlooked aspect is that servicing helps maintain or improve your comfort levels while caravanning. Testing and topping up insulation levels reduces dampness and helps keep a consistent temperature inside. Checking gas pipes reduces the risk of dangerous leaks ruining your holiday. Testing electric components means you can use everything efficiently without shortages or failures. Having running water and your toilet in good operational condition prevents hassles Caravan owners face all too often. Don’t simply tolerate gradually increasing dampness or improperly working appliances - get everything restored to proper working order each year.

Valid Insurance & Warranties

Before heading out on the road, make sure your annual service has been performed. Most caravan insurance policies require an annual service, while some warranties become invalid if servicing isn’t carried out according to schedule. Don’t risk insurance not paying out simply because you didn’t get a service done on time – it’s a necessary step to keep your cover intact. Even out of warranty, a service history proves you’ve taken good care of the vehicle.

Be aware that newly purchased caravans and motorhomes may have their warranty invalidated if the manufacturer's recommended servicing schedule is not adhered to. Generally, most brands stipulate annual servicing as a minimum requirement to uphold warranty coverage. Don't make an oversight that causes expensive faults down the track and refuse a warranty simply because you failed to book the yearly service. Protect your investment and warranty status by never skipping the annual inspection.

Essential Maintenance Guide

Aside from the routine annual service at our Caravan Centre, some minor maintenance duties must be taken care of by owners along the way too. This includes things like regularly cleaning the exterior, sealing any new damage right away, checking emergency escape routes aren’t obstructed, monitoring tyre pressure and tread depth and testing the breakaway cable for damage. Any issues identified between regular services should see you making an appointment for repair right away too.

Caught Issues Early

The annual service is your expert technician’s chance to thoroughly inspect everything stem to stern. They may discover an early stage problem you hadn’t noticed yet yourself. It gives peace of mind that any small problem get repaired before causing operational issues out on the road. Don’t simply rely on a visible issue occurring before taking it in – the value of routine inspection can’t be overstated when potential underlying problems may not show obvious signs yet.

Relax On Your Holidays  

An often overlooked perk is simply having greater peace of mind heading away each trip. When you know everything has been rigorously checked and tested by our service team, you can truly relax at your destination. No worrying about safety risks, collapsing tyres, gas leaks or sudden appliance failures. A well looked after caravans have much lower breakdown rates so you also avoid the hassle of recovery services or cut short trips too.  

Overall Reassurance

Another reason to maintain a regular professional servicing schedule is for safety reassurance. Having a technician thoroughly inspect the gas appliances, electrics, fire prevention systems, brakes, stability and other critical components gives confidence that your caravan or motorhome remains safe for you and all passengers when venturing away on holidays. Don't put your family at risk - consistent safety checks and early issue resolution provides peace of mind everything functions properly to minimise risk.

Here are 5 things you can do to prepare your caravan for an annual service:

  1. Clean the interior thoroughly. Remove all personal belongings, food items so the technician can access all areas. Vacuum floors, wipe surfaces and tidy away bedding and curtains.
  2. Check the exterior for damage. Do a walk around inspecting for any cracks, holes, loose panels or fittings. Make note of any issues to point out to the technician. Check seals around windows and doors.

  3. Test appliances and equipment. Turn on lights, test the stove, fridge, water pumps, shower and toilet. Make sure to empty the toilet cassette beforehand. Note any faults with appliances for the technician.

  4. Check tyres and wheels. Inspect tyre treads for wear and damage. Ensure tyre pressures are correctly inflated for the axle weight when towing. Check wheel rims and lug nuts are not loose.

  5. Gather service history paperwork. Locate any past service invoices, warranty details, appliance manuals and chassis documents. This helps the technician see what work it has had done previously. Offer any information on issues you've had.

Preparing the caravan thoroughly allows the technician to easily access all areas needing inspection. Pointing out existing flaws also helps focus their attention during the service. Taking a bit of time to prepare ultimately streamlines the job and helps spot potential problems.

Our NCC (National Caravan Council) Approved service centre in Plymouth, Devon is a one-stop shop for all of your caravan and trailer servicing and repairs. All caravan and motorhome servicing is carried out under the AWS code of practice, which is the benchmark for touring caravan, trailer tent and motorhome servicing. Much like an MOT for your car, a service is an essential step in ensuring your caravan is safe to use on your adventures.

We ensure that we check all moving parts of your caravan (such as the tyres, stabiliser, chassis and brakes), the battery and bodywork for damage and faults, as well as checking the caravan over for dampness and water ingress.

If you require a caravan service, or you are unsure or concerned about your caravan and need some advice, head over to the servicing page and get in touch and one of our team will be happy to help.