• Explore With The Grőn eBike – The Foldable, Green Machine You Can Pack Alongside Your Suitcase!

Explore With The Grőn eBike – The Foldable, Green Machine You Can Pack Alongside Your Suitcase!


Have you ever travelled to a holiday destination in your car, caravan, campervan or motorhome, and wished you’d had room to pack your bike? Do you envy the people you see riding to work, with the wind blowing through their hair, taking in the atmosphere and beating all of the traffic jams? With the Grőn eBike, you can join them!

The Grőn is designed in the UK, taking inspiration from the Swedish lifestyle, and combined with German engineering. To retain the original heritage of the 1970’s folding bike, some of the classic elements have been incorporated, albeit modernised it for the 21st century. With its 5 levels of power-assist, and electric motor, it has a modular cutting-edge design, and is manufactured in carbon, meaning every part is strong and recyclable. The simple push-pull release catch is accessible to all – no keys or difficult systems to fathom. It boasts the latest, backlit LCD display, which is easy to use – even for the novice.

The Grőn has been built to European standards, and comes with a 1yr warranty and a 14-day *money-back guarantee. This eBike is only sold through specially selected dealerships, to ensure it can remain affordable, along with the added benefit of the customer receiving a satisfactory experience every time.

*T’s & C’s apply.


Grőn is a Swedish word, meaning ‘Green.’  Using an electric eBike means you are doing your bit for the planet, by helping to reduce your carbon footprint.  Not only are all of the parts of the Grőn recyclable, but when using this method of transport, you are not sending harmful emissions into the atmosphere, as you would be with cars/trains etc.

In addition to this, for each Grőn eBike sold, a tree is planted, through https://tree-nation.com/ – helping to offset CO² and protect the future for your children and grandchildren alike.


The Grőn eBike has been built to European standards, and comes with a 1yr warranty and a 14-day *money-back guarantee.  As it is a power-assist electric bike, there is a restriction where you legally have to be 14yrs old or above to be permitted to ride it. 

However, the innovative design of the Grőn, means that everyone from 14yrs, through to the elderly can get to grips with the folding, unfolding, adjusting and riding the eBike.  It is effortless to ride, and simple to maintain.  The lightweight, 14KG design makes it easy to lift.  The tyres are larger than a typical 20” bike, and the saddle is comfortable, resulting in a smooth ride.  The mudguards keep you dry, whilst the folding rack, allows you to safely carry items with you.

It can be adjusted simply, using the seat, handlebars or grips – no fiddly allen keys to contend with.  The battery is removable – allowing you to travel without the aid of electric-assist, or be able to change to a spare battery in a matter of seconds, and the powerful Shimmano disc brakes, ensure you feel safe and secure on your journey.

Imagine taking to the road for a weekend break in your car, caravan or motorhome, and simply folding up your bike, and putting it in the boot, the hold or just tucked away in the corner – giving you the freedom to discover the coast, the town or the country lanes whenever you choose!  You also get the benefit of exercise (whilst being able to cheat on the hills after a substantial lunch!)


The Grőn comes with many added features. 

To stay within legal limits, the ‘Samsung Lithium Battery’ has no more than a 250KW continuous motor output, and the maximum speed is 15.5mph.  It has a ‘battery protect’ system and a 3hr-charging time.  Note: Pedals must be ‘in use’ for power assist to be provided.

Other features include:

  • 9 speed manual Shimmano gears
  • Hydraulic Shimmano Disc Brakes
  • USB Charging Point
  • Security Lock
  • Night and Day Lights
  • External USB Port (to charge your mobile phone)
  • Can be programmed to change speed/gear ratios via the simple-to-use LCD
  • A single, clear & easy-to-read display (incl. speed, mileage, power & more)

Unlike some other models, there is no requirement to attach a smartphone or connect Bluetooth etc.


Why not pop in to see the Grőn for yourself at our caravan, campervan and motorhome showroom in Plympton, Plymouth, where you will also find a wide range of accessories for camping and caravanning in our shop. 

Alternatively, you could order the Grőn eBike and other camping essentials through the online shop on our website.

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