• Discover The Top Small Caravans

Discover The Top Small Caravans

The best compact caravans

If you thought that touring meant investing in a huge caravan, we’d like to gently suggest an alternative to consider. 2 berth caravans are short, sweet, and ideal for solo tourers or couples looking for spontaneous escapes. 

Affordable to buy and easy to tow, small caravans are still packed with all the essentials you need for a comfortable stay, as you’ll discover in this article, where we look at the top small caravans…

Why buy a small caravan? 

Lighter to transport

When it comes to towing, the maximum weight capacity for both you and your car can put limits on the type of caravan you can tow. This is particularly pertinent if you passed your driving test after 1997. As they’re smaller, 2-berth caravans tend to be lighter too, making it easier to hit the road with a caravan. 

Easy to manoeuvre

A long trailer hitched to the rear of your car can make reversing and tight turns mammoth tasks - a smaller caravan works with you better than a 4 or 6-berth.  

Get used to touring before upgrading 

If you’re new to owning a caravan, starting small can help you get used to life on the road and on campsites without the overwhelm of a huge vehicle. Plus, they’ll usually be more affordable, ideal for first-time-tourers on a budget. 

So, what are the top small caravans? 

Swift Basecamp 2

Talk about compact! The Basecamp 2 from industry leaders Swift is the ultimate mini caravan, and it’s the ideal model for anyone looking for a fun little caravan to explore the outdoors with. Challenging caravan conventions, the Basecamp 2 manages to look sporty as well as functional, offering tourers a comfortable base in which to refuel for their next adventure. 

The Basecamp 2’s come with a whole range of impressive features, such as a Swift Command touch control panel, panoramic window, and blown-air heating. 

Swift Mayflower 480

The Swift Mayflower 480 is one of the smallest caravans that Swift produces. Two single seats at the front that convert a large double bed, PLUS there’s a central kitchen area and a lovely-sized bathroom. You’d hardly believe it was so petite once you were inside - it has all the comfort of home.

In the 2023 version of this much-loved caravan, specification highlights that were previously added extras are now included as standard, such as the panoramic sunroof that floods the caravan with light. 

Swift Conqueror 

Coming in at slightly larger than the Mayflower 480 is the Swift Conqueror - another 2-berth caravan that is deceptively spacious inside. If you’re a big fan of cooking on your travels, this is the small caravan for you - the worktop space is expansive, and the kitchen is equipped with all you need to whip up tasty dishes day after day. 

Many Conquerors come with solar panels, sunroofs and barbeque points, so that you can make the most of the summer sunshine while you’re touring. 

Swift Challenger 

Small and wide, the Swift Challenger has all the hallmarks of a smaller caravan, but all the personality of a larger one. 

The Challenger not only looks pretty smart, but it’s also stylish and well-equipped; it comes complete with fitted solar panels, ALDE luxury heating system, and a roomy end washroom - ideal for couples that want a little more space while they’re touring. 

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