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Choosing the Ideal Campervan Conversion for Your Next Adventure

  • Choosing the Ideal Campervan Conversion for Your Next Adventure

With so many conversion options across the UK, making the right choice may seem daunting. But keeping your personal travel ambitions front and centre will lead you to campervan bliss.

Imagine waking up to sweeping views of stone-speckled green fields under endless blue skies. You step out of your cosy campervan, a steaming cup of tea in hand, ready to wander a new corner of Britain. This vision can become your reality when you commit to a campervan conversion.

With so many conversion options across the UK, making the right choice may seem daunting. But keeping your personal travel ambitions front and centre will lead you to campervan bliss.  

Whether you long for meandering journeys across the rugged Scottish Highlands or prefer relaxing weekends tucked into the English countryside, you deserve a campervan to match your dreams. Though a dizzying array of conversions exist, putting your needs and budget first simplifies the process. Let's explore how to home in on your perfect solution for breathtaking excursions across Britain. 

Defining Your Campervan Priorities

Campervans range wildly in size, amenities, vehicle types and costs. Consider basics like:

  • Trip duration (weekends vs weeks/months on end)
  • Typical group size (solo, partner, family, group) 
  • Locations favoured (cities, countryside, coastal, remote areas)
  • Camping style (campgrounds vs wild/self-sufficient)

Also, think about must-have features that impact comfort:

  • Standing room (full stand-up height preferred?) 
  • Sleeping arrangements (fixed bed? convertible dinette bed?)
  • Washing abilities (outdoor reliance only? full wet bath?)
  • Cooking facilities (simple stove? multi burner oven/grill?)

Itemising these areas will inform what campervan requirements best support your needs.

Selecting the Right Base Vehicle

Once you identify must-have amenities, you can consider appropriate base vehicles. The most common campervan foundations in Britain include:

  • Small vans (VW Caddy, Peugeot Partner/Expert)
  • Medium vans (VW Transporter, Mercedes Sprinter)  
  • Large vans (Iveco Daily, Ford Transit) 

Assess dimensions, engine power, fuel economy and manoeuvrability to choose a base aligning with your travel ambitions. Small vans maximise mileage and can access tight spaces while large options boast heavy carrying capacities but drive like trucks.

New custom campervan conversions generally cost £20,000-50,000 depending on amenities. You can also convert used vans yourself at a fraction of the price if you don’t mind getting your hands dirty. 

Maximising Living Space  

Well-designed campervans feel spacious regardless of actual square footage. Every inch matters when your home’s on wheels! Consider these living space tips:

  • Optimise storage with shelves, cabinets, hidden compartments
  • Convert sofas/beds to suit daily tasks and nighttime
  • Choose collapsible, compact or multi-use furnishings
  • Utilise magnetic curtains, swivelling seats, dropdown tables 

Going for efficiency while retaining flexibility to prevent cramped quarters during extended adventures is a must. 

Outfitting for Off-Grid Independence

Many campervans rely solely on campsite facilities. But adding certain systems means you have the flexibility to travel self-sufficiency. Critical features include:

  • Solar panels and house batteries to independently generate electricity
  • Propane/diesel heaters for cosy warmth without grid energy 
  • Toilet/shower facilities fed by fresh and wastewater tanks
  • Gas cooking hobs or diesel ovens for uncomplicated culinary creations

Embarking on campervan life is incredibly exciting, but can also feel overwhelming for beginners. The key is starting with the right base camper that meets your needs as a starting adventurer before adding complexity. Here are some great tips for choosing your first camper and easing into campervan living:

Opt for a Versatile, Maneuverable Camper 
Especially on early trips, avoid large campers and start with smaller, nimble options like VW Caddys, Toyota HiAces or Ford Transits. These provide space to stand and sleep comfortably while remaining easy to drive and park as you hone your road skills.

Buy Used Over New
Gently used campervans often provide great value. Test everything first and examine condition closely, then negotiate price based on ageing appliances, wear and tear. Use saved funds for custom touches that suit your style.

Practice Regular Camping First
Sharpen overall outdoor living abilities before self-contained camping. Test different tents, organisers, stoves, lighting and outdoor living hacks. These transfer directly to streamlining and enjoying vanlife even in cramped quarters.  

Start Small, Local and Slow
Plan your campervan voyage during warm months close to home. Take short 1-3 night trips and progressively go further afield while evaluating likes, dislikes and needed adjustments in your rig. The beauty of campervans is customizability as your skills grow.

Choosing a just-right campervan designed for beginners goes a long way for confidently cruising into the camper life. Before long, you’ll be an avid road trip junkie seeking endless horizons!

Here are Tamar Caravan Centre we stock fully converted Campervans ready to be driven away today.  

When choosing a campervan conversion, it's important to look for builds that meet thorough safety and quality standards. We are proud that each of our campervan conversions meet the following :-

  • NCC Approved Conversion - Meeting strict National Caravan Council guidelines for design, construction and appliance installation to provide durable, reliable campervans.

  • VW Approved Conversion - Passing Volkswagen's extensive testing and inspection process to complement the base vehicle warranty through harmonized fit and finish.  

  • Type Approved Design - Extensively tested campervan construction legally certified for manufacturing standardization and passenger safety.

  • Crash Tested Beds - Fixed bed structures specifically impact tested to remain secured and protect occupants in accidents.

  • M1 Classification - Legally registered as motor caravan from day one for appropriate insurance without private conversion hassles.

Take a look on our website and book an appointment to see these incredible conversions in person; you'll be thinking about your next adventure in no time! 

Our friends over at Staycation Lifestyle popped by and filmed some amazing videos about the Campervan conversions we have in stock. Watch below

Fancy hiring a campervan?

Here at Tamar, we’re delighted to be able to offer a range of first-class motorhomes and VW Campervans for hire. Whether you wish to take a last-minute long-weekend break for two, plan a family holiday to the beautiful beaches or countryside the UK has to offer, or get yours booked today.