• Caravan Servicing & Towbar Fitting – Is Your Caravan Safe To Use, Ready For Your Summer Holiday?

Caravan Servicing & Towbar Fitting – Is Your Caravan Safe To Use, Ready For Your Summer Holiday?

  • Published: 10 May 2022
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If you own a caravan, then you should be booking in for caravan servicing annually, or after every 10,000KM – whichever comes first!  You may ask “Why do I need a service?”  The answer is in two parts.  1. You are legally bound to ensure that your caravan is roadworthy to ensure safety for both yourself and other road users.  2.  If your caravan is not serviced regularly, you are putting the lives of both yourself and/or your family, or anyone who might use your caravan, at risk.  Eg. Your towing mechanism could fail, causing a serious road accident; you and your family could be exposed to an electric fire or carbon monoxide poisoning. Servicing ensures that your caravan is in a roadworthy condition, and that your caravan is safe to use.  Identifying any issues at an early stage, could prevent further damage and excessive, costly repairs later on – leaving you to enjoy your holiday. Being in possession of a full service-history for your caravan is always a bonus.  If you decide to re-sell your caravan, the fact that you have regular caravan servicing documented, will both enhance the value and give the buyer peace of mind. One of the benefits of caravan servicing that is often overlooked, is that it prevents you from invalidating the manufacturer’s guarantee.  You must, however, use an approved service centre – Tamar Caravan Centre is approved by both the NCC (National Caravan Council) and AWS (Approved Workshop Scheme).
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Caravan servicing not only includes mechanical aspects and road safety elements.  It also includes checks which are imperative when thinking about the safety of interior components including electrics, gas and water:


  • Electrics: built-in appliances, lights, batteries, RCD and fuses etc.
  • Gas: built-in appliances, indication of leaks, gas hose deterioration, regulators etc.
  • Water: taps, pumps, switches, indication of leaks, toilet flushing etc.
  • Damage to towing mechanisms: stabiliser, chassis, jockey wheel etc.
  • Ventilation: checks are made to ensure air is free-flowing, there are no blockages, and vents are in working order. Also roof vents and seals etc.
  • Brakes: an important component which must be in full working order.
  • Other safety checks: smoke alarms, Co² alarms, fire blankets and correctly fitted fire extinguishers etc.
  • Bodywork: damp-meter reading and water ingress checks, windows, floors, doors, furniture etc.

If you require a comprehensive list, please contact us directly.


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At Tamar Caravan Centre, we are proud to be home to our own, modern 8-bay workshop.  Our caravan service centre in Plymouth, Devon is NCC approved, and caters for all of your touring caravan, trailer servicing, and repairs.


Staffed by our highly trained, experienced team of mechanics and technicians, if you require caravan servicing, warranty repairs, caravan accessory fitting, towbar fitting or trailer servicing/repairs, our 8-bay caravan workshop provides a full range of services.

For complete peace of mind, as a caravan owner, you should be very aware of the importance of having your caravan serviced annually, and to make sure any repairs are carried out, so that your caravan is safe.

We are also AWS approved, meaning that we can carry out work on caravans from the majority of manufacturers, whether we sell, or are an agent for that brand or not.

When choosing Tamar Caravan Centre for your servicing and fitting needs, you can be sure that you’re getting a high quality, thorough and professional service, every time.

In addition to servicing and repairs, we carry out Motorhome habitation, fit motor movers, bike racks, roof bars, roof boxes, solar panels, air con and other accessories.  We can also make up your number plates while you wait.

Contact us to enquire about prices, or to book-in your vehicle, fill in the booking form.

Alternatively, call us on 01752 341133 if you have any further queries.


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If you’re planning to tow a caravan or a trailer this summer – our towbar fitting service is just what you need!  Here at Tamar Caravan Centre, we have over 30 years of experience in the towbar fitting industry and offer an unrivalled professional, knowledgeable and friendly service in our caravan service centre.

A properly fitted towbar that is suitable for your needs, is a must when planning to take to the open road.  The last thing you need is to look in the rear view mirror, and see your pride and joy careering down the road or jack-knifing – both of which have the potential to be a life-threatening hazard for you and others.

With our highly trained team of expert engineers on hand, we believe we offer the most professional towbar fitting service in the South West. Every towbar installation meets both industry standards and our own high standards, with all fittings carried out in a timely manner for minimal disruption to your day.

Our range includes:

Flange Towbars:  The traditional and cost-effective towbar option. Suited to those who tow on a regular basis, this form of towbar allows for the fitting of accessories such as towbar mounted cycle carriers, making it a good choice for those with active lifestyles.  They will be detected by parking sensors – if your vehicle includes the facility.

Swan Towbars: The swan style towbar is a mid-point between the traditional flange towbar and the functional detachable towbar. Offering a neater appearance, this type of towbar is much narrower and sleeker, making it a great choice for vehicles fitted with parking sensors.

Detachable Towbars: A good choice for anyone who wants the ability to tow without impacting on the look of their vehicle.  Detachable towbars provide the best of both worlds! When the neck is removed, this model of towbar is generally hidden from view, so parking sensors are not affected.

If you are looking for towing accessories, look no further than our online shop, or pop into our instore shop within our premises in Plympton, Plymouth.  Everything is under one roof at Tamar!  We supply a range of items, including cycle carriers, electrical adapters, towbar steps and bumper guards… we have a great range of towbar accessories available, in addition to everything you need for a successful caravanning holiday.

We offer free, no-obligation towbar fitting quotes and our handy quotation tool can show you which type of towbar is suited to your vehicle and your needs. Towbar fitting quotes (valid for 30 days from issue), that are competitively priced, with no hidden extras.

For more information, contact us either via the form on the website, by telephone, or in person at our Service Centre in Plymouth.