• Caravan Security – Is Your Caravan Safe & Secure?

Caravan Security – Is Your Caravan Safe & Secure?

Caravan security and safety measures

If you are an owner of a caravan, are looking to purchase a caravan, or have already bought one from our Caravan Centre in Plympton, Plymouth or elsewhere, then security and safety will be a priority for you.

Whether your van is pitched on a seasonal site or used to tour to your heart’s content, the feeling that your pride and joy is safe and secure when you are not around will allow you to enjoy the sense of freedom during your trips/holidays.

If you have insurance for your caravan, which is highly recommended, you will be required to fulfil certain requirements in order for it to remain valid.  This often includes wheel clamps and/or towbar coupling locks, both of which should deter thieves and make it practically impossible for them to attach your caravan and tow it away.  A few insurance companies actually specify a particular style of security clamp, so please ensure you read the small print!  Many wheel clamps are also suitable for use on trailers.  Speak to us about caravan insurance if you aren’t covered.

With the winter months fast approaching, fair-weather campers will be looking to put their caravan into storage.  It is recommended that security measures are also put into place during this time – even if your storage facility appears to be a secure environment.

General security for your caravan and personal effects

There are other measures that you can take in order to avoid criminals taking advantage and spoiling your holiday.  Think of your caravan as you would your home.  Would you leave your front door open, with your house keys and car keys on display, right by the entrance?  Would you leave valuable items in your garden in full view of the general public?  Of course you wouldn’t!  However, many people display odd behaviour when on holiday…almost as if they are immune to common thieves and chancers taking a liking to their worldly possessions.  Caravan security is just as important as it is in your family home.

  • Lock doors, windows and any other openings, when you leave your caravan unattended.
  • Close blinds to avoid others ‘window shopping’ and checking out your belongings whilst you are out of sight.
  • Do not leave car keys/caravan keys/wallets/purses etc., by opened doors, in sight or reach of passers-by.
  • Try to avoid leaving valuable items such as Cadac barbeques, kayaks or bicycles on view – especially overnight. If you have a bike rack or roof bars, you can secure items to them with alarm cables or security cables.

Caravan safety

Keeping yourself and your family safe is imperative.  The same safety precautions should be taken in your caravan as they are in your home. When staying in your caravan, remember that you are cooking and sleeping in a confined space. Open windows and vents… you probably also have an extractor fan.  Due to the fact that you will most probably be cooking with gas, it is essential to fit a carbon monoxide alarm.  A smoke alarm should also be fitted as standard.  It is good practise to have a fire blanket and portable fire extinguisher close to your cooker for those unexpected incidents. 

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