• Caravan Essentials For Winter

Caravan Essentials For Winter

Must-have caravan essentials to enjoy your winter holiday

Touring the UK and Europe in your caravan is a year-round pursuit as far as we’re concerned - you just need to be prepared! Just as you gear up for a summer in your caravan, the same can be done prior to a winter trip to make the experience calm, comfortable, and most of all - cosy! Here are some of the caravan essentials for winter that we’d recommend… 

Torch (and spare batteries) 

The evenings are dark and the mornings aren’t much better, so a torch you can rely on when you need to venture outside of the caravan (or simply to turn the heating up in the night) can be very handy. Using the torch on your phone can drain the battery, and its performance is limited. 

For ultimate convenience, particularly for two-handed jobs or when you need to carry things, we’d recommend a head torch. You could always do a night hike then too!

Don’t forget spare batteries, or better yet, invest in a rechargeable torch. 

Board games and books

The weather will do what it does best - surprise us, and remind us that it's in charge! Therefore, when those rainy days inevitably come, embrace the confines of the caravan and get lost in a good book - or challenge your family and friends to a good old-fashioned board game. 

Your holiday is what you make it, so don’t let the wintery weather get in the way of making it fun. 

Sturdy shoes

Getting out and exploring whatever area you’ve decided to pitch up in is one of the best things about touring, so in winter, invest in some sensible footwear so you’re always ready for an adventure. We’d suggest a waterproof pair of boots, and potentially a pair of wellies too, to keep your feet clean and dry - no need to dry your socks in the caravan afterwards! 

Water tank insulation

Frozen water is the enemy of the tourer in the winter months, and as the temperature drops, any external tanks are at risk. Protect your water with tank insulation, like this one, that keeps your water accessible when the weather turns. 

Fresh water

Despite your best efforts, your water could still freeze, leaving you a little high and dry - literally! Therefore, we’d recommend keeping a sizable container of fresh water in the caravan during the winter, just in case Jack Frost gets to your external tank, and you’re forced to draw on emergency measures. 

A good heating system

Contrary to popular belief, you can enjoy touring in the winter just as much as in the summer if you have a decent caravan heating system on board - it can still be a home-from-home, even in single figures! Systems such as the Alde radiator central and water heating fitted in many of our Swift models here at Tamar Caravan Centre can help maintain comfortable surroundings whatever the weather. 

A well-insulated caravan 

If you’re yet to upgrade from an older-style caravan to a modern model, you’re still to discover the well-insulated haven that you could be enjoying year round. Not only do these caravans have heating systems like we talked about earlier, but they’re also made to keep the cold out and keep everyone inside warm and cosy. 

If you’re still looking to maximise your insulation, you could opt for insulating blinds and curtains, to prevent your windows from letting the side down. 

Upgrade your caravan this winter

If you want to be ready for a full year of touring next year, now’s the time to invest in your next caravan. Whether you know exactly what you want, or you need a bit of help to decide, the team here at Tamar Caravan Centre are on hand to make your purchase as smooth and exciting as it should be. Browse the selection online today.